The 10 Best Interactive Dog Toys

The 10 Best Interactive Dog Toys


Dogs love toys. It’s as simple as that. However, what may look adorable and cute to us (like those silly pocketbook, perfume or shoe-shaped stuffed toys) isn’t exactly seen by your dog as a toy. They best kind of dog toys are interactive, meaning that they engage a dog in someway. Perhaps by blowing bubbles or dispensing treats or shooting tennis balls. Now, what exactly does a cute, purse-shaped dog toy do? Here is a dog-approved list of the top ten dog toys – toys that dogs really want!

1. Fetch A Bubble Jumbubbler – This bubble machine was made especially for dogs and blows mega-huge, bacon-scented bubbles that dogs go wild for. $22.95 at

2. GoDogGo Automatic Fetch Machine – GoDogGo is the first, and still the only, automatic tennis ball launcher for dogs. Yes, dog owners can sit back and relax as GoDogGo launches tennis ball after tennis ball for their dog to fetch. $149.95 at

3. Bark ‘N Bat – Now this tennis ball launcher actually lets you join in on the fun too. Just throw a tennis ball up in the air and then whack it with the Bark ‘N Bat. There’s even a scoop at the end so there’s no need to touch any dog-slobbered tennis balls! $14.95 at

4. Wiggly Giggly Bone – A classic interactive dog toys that makes silly giggling noises whenever your dog carries, drops or rolls it. $13.99 at

5. Hunk ‘O Meat – As the newest dog toy on the list, the Hunk ‘O Meat really delivers in the “dog excitement factor” department. Not only does this dog toy make lots of fun noises when chewed on, it’s also a ham-flavored hard nylon chew too. $14.95 at

6. Giggle Peek A Treat Ball – The perfect boredom-busting dog toy when dogs are left alone. This dog treat dispenser is one of the best because it lets the dog see what’s inside the ball. Plus, it makes fun giggling noises and can hold a variety of treats. $17.99 at

7. Squirt Ball – A dog toy that will even make dog owners giggle! Just fill the Squirt Ball up with water and then watch as it gives dogs a refreshing burst of water with each bite. Now that’s fun! $5.95 at

8. Dog Fisher – Most dog tug toys are just boring, like a knotted rope for instance. But the Dog Fisher is not only fun for your dog; it’s fun for dog owners too! Just cast out a bone-shaped lure and watch as a dog takes a bite. Then turn the crank and reel him in for the best tug game ever! $16.99 at

9. Bubble Buddy – The original bubble blower for dogs. It blows bacon bubbles for dogs to pop and, it never even needs any batteries! $8.95 at

10. Doggie Driver – Amazingly, this dog toy lets dog owners practice their golf swing while playing fetch with their dog. Great exercise for dogs that really love to chase after tennis balls! $25.99 at