The Best Toys for Dogs

The Best Toys for Dogs

Dogs today have a host of toys available to them. Years ago a dog had a ball, stick and perhaps an old steak bone. I have had a dog most of my life. I am putting down, my description of the dog toys I am familiar with and my brief review of each.

Rubber toys: the rubber is very firm and they have a squeaker. They come in a vast variety of sizes, shapes and some of them are even cartoon characters, common household objects and the like. My problem with these was that the squeaker was on the outside and you had to be careful it didn’t become dislodged. None of my dogs thought the toy was worthwhile if it didn’t have a squeaker.

Cloth toys: they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are just shapes, bones, shoes, animals, even “Santa Clauses.” They also have a squeaker but it is sewn inside of the toy and the only way to remove it is if the seam becomes ripped. These toys are soft and do not hurt furniture. You have to watch for excess materials on these. For example, scarfs on people, other accessories that are hanging – they can rip off. The seams need to be watched as well, if they should become opened by a lot of play!! You can mend it with needle and thread in most cases.

Rawhide: these are bones that come in some colors, flavors, sizes, shapes, thicknesses and packaging. The dogs chew on them and it is supposed to be good for their teeth. It keeps them busy for a long time. My vet does not recommend these for my particular dog. I have been to two different vets who both said “no rawhide” for my dog. There are products available called bully stick, bully chews, etc. These are just like the rawhide but the content is different.

Frisbees, balls and the like. Dogs seem to love Frisbees, they love to run after them and chase them. And of course, what dog doesn’t enjoy chasing a “tennis” ball or any other ball. These can be picked up right in many different types of stores and usually very inexpensive (comparably speaking).

Gong: a gong is an object that is made of very strong rubber and the middle is empty. This can be stuffed with peanut butter, soft cheese or any object that the dog likes that is spreadable. About a tablespoon is all you need. Put it in the gong and the dogs can bite the gong and enjoy the “stuffing” I love this – it has kept my dog busy for a long time and it is so relaxing to her.

With all these above and guidance from your vet, it is very easy to find an appropriate and “fun” toy for any dog.