How Dog Chew Toys Can Benefit You and Your Dog

How Dog Chew Toys Can Benefit You and Your Dog

Allowing your dog to gnaw on chew toys doesn’t just save your furniture and other belongings. Chew toys can be used to curb your pet’s anxiety, distress and boredom.
Dogs, especially puppies, tend to be destructive. This, unfortunately, means that our personal belongings get destroyed. While this is normal, it is often frustrating to break them of this habit. The best way to curb this behavior is to introduce a chew toy at an early age. By providing a chew toy to a puppy, you help him learn to control his chewing habits, and you also help with teething pains he may be experiencing.

So why does a dog like to chew on items? Chewing isn’t usually a sign of hunger. A dog will chew when she is feeling bored, lonely, scared, or experiencing separation anxiety. It can also be her way of dealing with teething pain, or trying to tell you that she needs attention.

So how can you prevent your dog from chewing on your things?

Train your furry friend early to end this destructive habit before it becomes too problematic. Keep a close eye on him, and give him a toy when he begins chewing on one of your personal items. Provide your pooch with a variety of chew toys, to see which ones he prefers.

You can make chew toys even more appealing by purchasing toys that have a place to insert treats. This will keep your dog interested in the toy for longer, and teach him that chewing on a chew toy can be rewarding.

To stop dog chewing, you may have to resort to moving valuable items off the floor and out of reach of your dog. This will bring you peace of mind and save your personal belongings while your dog is in the training stage. When your dog is searching for something to chew on, she will only find her toys on the floor.

There are many benefits to dog chew toys, aside from saving your belongings. Since dogs chew out of boredom, you are giving your four-legged friend entertainment. If you ever watch a dog gnawing away on a chew toy, you can see how hard she concentrates. This concentration and energy can actually give your dog some moderate exercise.

Whether you need to soothe a teething puppies gums, save your personal items, or help keep your dog’s teeth strong and clean, you and your dog can both benefit from chew toys.

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