Vinyl Products Can Harm Your Dog

Vinyl Products Can Harm Your Dog


You’ve seen them, vinyl dog toys, the ones that looks like a rolled-up newspaper or a big hamburger. Those vinyl toys are not safe for your dog due to the PVC’s in the plastic. Even if you don’t give that type of toy to your dog, you still have to be on the lookout for vinyl products that your dog might chew on such as a vinyl shower curtain, one of your sneakers or even your kitchen floor. Please read this information and become an informed pet owner because vinyl products can harm your service dog.

There are chemicals that are put in plastics to make them soft and easily bendable. The chemicals are covered by a generic name, p hthalates. Phthalates are a little strange in that they don’t actually bond to the product, but they move freely in and through the product. That quality is what is necessary for the vinyl to be soft, but it is also what makes vinyl dangerous to your dog.

Since the dangerous molecules move in, around and out of the products, it’s when they are on the ‘outside’ that they become a killer. Your dog chews on a vinyl sneaker, the molecules are released into the dog’s mount and then they take a journey through the dog’s body.

Studies were performed and determined that toxins from certain plastics can harm a child’s development. Although the use of vinyl in toys has been reduced, that has not been true of toys for pets. The tests that were performed to prove toxins are dangerous to children were performed on animals.

It is almost impossible for us to remove all plastic or vinyl materials from our homes. But we can be on the lookout and keep our dog’s well being in mind. When you purchase products for your home or for your pet, check the labels and avoid anything with PVC. You will recognize PVC from its strong smell.

What do some raincoats, boots, car dashboards as well as pet beds have in common? They all can possibly contain PVC. If your sneakers have PVC, keep them in a closest so your dog can’t chew on them. Toss the plastic raincoat in the trash and buy a nylon raincoat that is water resistant.

Clean often and clean thoroughly to remove the Phthalates from the air. Do the best you can to make your home, which is your dog’s environment, safe.

It is impossible to remove all vinyl products from our lives and from our homes. We must be on the lookout for the vinyl products that our dogs come in daily contact with. Be a responsible pet owner.